State of the art play of light

Care and attention to details is visible in every element of furniture in the Capitano Hotel Collection. Furniture, fabrics and objects are not chosen by chance but they always respect the desire to offer a unique service in its genre. Then, there are details that are real works of art. We are talking about the lamps and illumination that decorate the Villa and the Palazzo del Capitano, made by Roberto Cutuli, aka Lucifero (Lucifer) a light designer and artist appreciated worldwide. He is an Italian artist of great experience, the ‘bringer of light’ with a diabolical sneer that defeats darkness, uniting the usefulness of illumination with the most audacious stylistic features, making real sculptures of light, in some cases.
His concept of art is both elegant and transgressive, eccentric and simple. He uses materials that evoke the power of the Earth. Copper embraces glass and is contorted into elegant coils that reflect light and shadow in an original way. Natural elements, leaves, flowers and branches take on new life through the eye of the artist. They give a reviving energy to the rooms. Every piece of illumination is unique and stidied in every detail, be they suspensions, table lamps or great illumination systems for halls and exhibitions. Light is movement, vibration, a shock of energy. It is a prism of nuances, an exalting journey like the one guests that come to the Val d’Orcia take.
Roberto Cutuli doen’t want to be ordinary, he doesn’t want to be unobserved. Ha wants to create stupour and amazement. Illumination thus becomes an essential element of furniture, it completes it and gives it meaning. Making light means giving life to things. That’s why his works agree perfectly with the idea of uniqueness that the Capitano Hotel Collection wants to give it guests. Your holiday becomes an art experience this way.
The Val d’Orcia is in a unique place in the world, its natural light has designed nuances and chiaroscuri on the UNESCO heritage hills for centuries. The power of the metallic materials used by Lucifero and the delicacy of the colours that go from white to brown, without disdaining more playful and vivacious touches of colour, bring a piece of the land and its history to our rooms. The added value is given by the futurist and modern taste that goes perfectlywell with the salvaging of materials and ancient structures. A step into modernity thus becaomes a return to the origins, to the reddishness of the soil, to the nodes of the trees, to the chiaroscuro of our sunsets: the future can be found in the past.
The Capitano Hotel Collection that has always appreciated art at the service of man, awaits you at the Villa and at the Palazzo del Capitano to discover Lucifero’s extraordinary works.

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