A highly successful year

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time, as always, for taking stock of the past year. December is the month for saying goodbye to the old and embracing the new. We at the Capitano Hotel Collection are very pleased with what we’ve achieved this year, thanks to your presence with us and to the continuing friendship we enjoy, which spurs us on to find new ways to surprise and delight you.
Our splendid location, too, has proved such a pleasure for us and has given both you and us, such wonderful memories. San Quirico d’Orcia, our totally unique town, is ancient yet so still so much loved today – like a classic dress that never dates. In this past year it has given us so many chances to get close to nature. There have been lots of special events, and province-wide fair ‘Forme nel Verde’ and then there was the creation of the area’s Ancient Trees Map. So many photographs have been taken, with so many images seemingly gleaned from 19th-century paintings, like the shot of the super moon over the Madonna di Vitaleta chapel that appeared on National Geographic – too many to list.
Then there are the innumerable wonderful memories that San Quirico’s hundreds and hundreds of visitors have taken home with them during this busy year. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Val d’Orcianever disappoints. We’ve enjoyed all the culinary delights of lots of food festivals – the ‘sagre’ – from January through to December, the last one being the Festa dell’Olio – the Olive Oil Festival. Even our very own restaurant the Antica Trattoria Al Vecchio Forno played its part, serving every kind of Val d’Orcia speciality. And then there’s been so much music, with internationally-important events like the ‘Paesaggi Musicali Toscani’ – a cultural bonanza featuring musicians from all over the world. And let’s not forget the queen of our territory, the Via Francigena path, with her thousands of sections to explore; and attractions like the Treno Natura – the Nature Train. There are so many places of natural beauty and works of art that we’ve worked hard to share with you and will continue to, as well as sporting events like the UltraMarathon and the Mille Miglia open road endurance race and so many more! San Quirico is so lovely that this year another Italian region even stole a photo of our ancient town gate for their own publicity campaign!
The Val d’Orcia merits enjoying to the full and we at the Capitano Hotel Collection try every day to give you new ideas for things to see and do throughout the area. This year we’ve given our hotel a whole new look, restoring the main building and installing new lighting, redecorating, and refurnishing, not to mention the refurb of our website and the addition of the Racconti – Tales – section. A great way to usher in the New Year, we’re sure you’ll agree.
We look forward to welcoming you with open arms in 2018, as committed and dedicated as ever to providing you with a unique and unforgettable holiday experience.

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