Digital Detox Val d'Orcia

Digital Detox in Val d’Orcia

The wish of taking a break from the “world wide web” in order to (re)find your inner peace, discovering the pleasure og going far away from your own technologic devices: that’s Digital Detox!where about?here, in Val d’Orcia!

Digital Detox means awareness, clever use of digital technologies. leave for a moment your laptop, smartphone, computer and come back to the CONTACT with real and authentic life.

Go away from home to dive yourself into a past time, staying in a historical residence, strolling around ancient alleys, going for a walk or on a e-bike excursion, reading a book or a newspaper.

Here switching off your mobile is a must!Let you be captured by tales coming out from painted ceilings, from handmade furniture and from ancient boutiques which keep going from generation to generation with their genuine and strong activities.

Forget to keep sharing with social friends selfies on facebook, pictures of yummy dishes on Istagram or beautiful spots on twitter. Look each other into your eyes, take each other hand, be proud to pronunce word and sentences left now to emoticons; be freak to roll yourself over into a meadow like kids and look at the sky to make your wishes!

Leave stories for when you will be back home. Told by your own voice. By you, in person.

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