Changes at the Palazzo del Capitano

History is a precious good, and at Capitano Hotel Collection know this well, and we love care for it daily. For this reason, we have decided to restore the rooms at Palazzo del Capitano, respecting their style and immortal elegance.
After twenty years of business, in which our rooms have given thousands of people memories, it is now time for improvement, to constantly offer you a wonderful experience.
Restoring a historic building, dating back to the Renaissance, means paying close attention to every detail, being careful not to neglect anything, and not distorting identity of the places. To do this, we have chosen to rely on local artisans, who know our stone, our wood, the aroma of our land.
In these days of intense work, the Palazzo is buzzing, and the workers, such as Pino and his son, continue a tradition passed from generation to generation, as well as their love for their work. The lamps hanging from the ceiling are made of copper by Lucifero, an expert lighting artist who has also furnished the Villa del Capitano. Everywhere, between nails and drills, the expertly worked wood appears on fireplaces, custom-made tables, doors. Wood is a great friend and a natural element which is capable of giving an incomparable warmth. Our ancestors knew this, and we try to achieve the best from the tradition. It is a happy coming and going of toolboxes, safety shoes, real life seems to meet and cross here in our Palace: this sharing atmosphere has a Festive feel to it.
Wood, however, will not be the only novelty this year. The colours of the walls will also be changed, lighter, delicate colours which combine perfectly with the new curtains made in a beautiful dove grey. In the lobby you will be welcomed by the new plum-coloured furniture, while on the walls of the hall, we find sparkling handmade mirrors, with wooden frames, which will give you the impression of having entered a palace, in a hall of mirrors. 
Everything is slowly taking life thanks to our artisans and we are happily excited, inebriated by their voices and the wonders that they are capable of creating, from the fresh scent of the paint, from the soft rustle of the curtains, from the warmth of the wood. We can’t wait to show you the finished project, and the magic of the lights, which light up when the sun goes down, transforming the rooms. 
History is our most precious treasure and our fortune, it is our duty to preserve and convey it to you, to everyone, now and forever.

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