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The  Massages


The Captain Massage  50 min.   Euro 75,00

Relaxing massage for the muscles, with stretching movements to ease the body and finally

a relaxing Face Cranio Massage.


Drainage Massage   50 min.   Euro 55,00

 Opening micro circulation, abdomen and legs massage


Californian Massage  50 min.   Euro 50,00

The Californian Massage is ideal for restoring a sense of wellbeing in condition of stress, or physical and mental fatigue.


Reflexology  25 min.   Euro 50,00

This highly specialised foot masage benefits the entire body through stimulation of its self-healing powers.


Antistress Massage   50 min.    Euro 60,00

Massage with mixed techniques, carefully selected according to the muscular, circulatry and lymphatic customer situation.


Deep Tissue Massage   50 min.     Euro 65,00

Massage with pressure medium-strong to decontract and ease the muscles.


Lymph Drainage Total Body Massage   50 min.   Euro 75,00

Massage to stimulate lymphatic drainage.


Lymph Drainage Legs Massage   25 min.      Euro 55,00

Massage to stimulate the lymphatic drainage of the lower limbs.


Hot Stone Massage   50 min.            Euro 75,00

Massage with hot stones, which combines the benefits of the heat on the muscles,

to the ancient beliefs of the stones on curative medicine.


Massage for Couples   50 min.          Euro 170,00

Relaxing Massage for the couple 




GDS Codes
SABRE: OK 181699